Real estate developers: sell your properties with Adwords

Google Adwords is nowadays the essential platform for advertising on the web: it is an advertising system that offers several types of campaigns, as well as different ad and targeting formats to meet all your expectations. An Adwords campaign for a real estate investor requires a starting budget, but it is worth it when you consider that a real estate sale is already worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Whatever the size of your company, Adwords can help you gain visibility and acquire new customers very quickly. In this article we give you some good reasons to get started, as well as a presentation and tips to boost your website!

Adwords for investors

Why is Google Adwords useful in real estate?

Are you hesitating to immerse yourself in the creation of Adwords campaigns? Here are five good reasons that will certainly convince you.

  • You assert your presence from the beginning of the Internet users’ searches

By appearing at the top of the page as soon as future buyers start looking for new products, you put yourself at the forefront of the competition from the very beginning to capture the attention of prospects from the very beginning of their research.

  • You attract buyers while enhancing your value to sellers

Appearing at the top of the page gives you a certain notoriety that could encourage buyers to consult you, but also sellers to use your services to sell their properties.

  • You control your advertising expenses

Adwords ads work on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, which means you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. And you choose the amount you want to grant on a daily basis.

  • You have all the tools to measure and adapt your campaign

You have at your disposal indicators – you can associate your Adwords account with an Analytics account for even more accurate and advanced results – to measure your return on investment, and thus adjust each of your campaigns at any time.

  • You get information about your customers’ expectations

Adwords also allows you to go back to the source of the searches that Internet users have done to get to your page! You can then use these selected keywords to improve the overall SEO of your site.

Define your objectives to choose the type of campaign adapted to your real estate activity

It is essential to set your objectives well in advance so as not to get the wrong ad network:

The research network to boost sales and visibility

The search network allows you to publish text ads directly in search results on Google. It allows you to boost your performance, and is very effective for sales and proposals of offers of all kinds!

In addition, the search network’s text ads are now in large format! For increased visibility on computers and mobiles.

This type of network allows you to select relevant key words and phrases in advance that will allow you to reach your customers as closely as possible to their requests and thus attract a quality audience.

The Display network to improve its brand image

The Display network is a group of Google partner sites, which rent sites on which you can display your ads. Associating the Display network with the search network allows you to extend your company’s reputation: you can publish different ad formats – textual, illustrated – by targeting previously chosen sites, or sites related to your theme.

It is also possible to carry out socio-demographic and geolocalized targeting, and even by interests: very useful to target a sector, or an age group more likely to buy one of your properties.

The most important thing is to provide an attractive visual that summarizes your offer, with a clearly visible action button.

Youtube Ads, for a powerful video campaign

Bought by Google, it is now possible to highlight illustrated banners and high impact videos on Youtube: in search results, or that can be read directly between visitors’ videos. The budget is certainly higher, but the effect is striking and the scope very significant in view of the millions of French users.

The targeting techniques on Youtube are the same, you can in addition to video ads, see also illustrated ads appear between proposals.

Efficient technique on all networks: remarketing

Very useful also on any type of network, think of the remarketing technique: visitors who have already visited your site may see ads on their screen inviting them to come back, or to continue their prospecting process with you.

Some tips for implementing an effective strategy

Google Adwords is useless if you don’t first set up a strategy, with objectives to achieve. These depend on you, and the expectation you have of Adwords, but we still advise you to observe these few rules that apply in all circumstances:

  • Target your keywords carefully: no need to bet on too generic keywords, focus instead on the long tail (“Buy apartment ground floor terrace paris 5e…”)
  • Associate the ads with a suitable landing page! Redirect your visitors to a page relevant to the offer… So we avoid the home page.
  • Optimize your ads with:
    • An effective eye-catcher to attract attention
    • An unstoppable and powerful action prompting button
    • Quality visuals for illustrated ads
  • Analyze your results to adapt your campaigns – use the A/B test function to make sure you choose an effective campaign!

Google Adwords is the guarantee to gain visibility, even in this competitive sector that is real estate. If you prepare your strategy well, you will see traffic to your site grow quickly… So it’s up to you! Prepare attractive ads and effective landing pages can seem tedious or beyond your skills, so don’t hesitate to call in professionals.

8 tips for investing in real estate

In L’Echo, journalists asked eight questions to real estate experts. We have derived eight tips from this, which we will provide below.

The apartment clearly remains the sure value that will experience the strongest growth in terms of yield.

Admittedly, the increase in the rent of your real estate is subject to conditions. However, you will certainly apply all the rules that allow you to increase them.

The real estate market is a market closely linked to economic circumstances. The experts interviewed by Echo therefore expect an investment horizon of five years, with more distant forecasts seeming a little uncertain.

1. An apartment you will buy….

The apartment clearly remains the sure value that will experience the strongest growth in terms of yield. The classic house and the second residence on the Côte complete the podium. Be careful, the days when houses earned 8% a year in value are over.

2. An average yield you will accept….

As we have said, no more yields close to 10%. It is preferable to expect an average return of 2.7%. A good way to increase the return on a property is to also invest in its renovation so that you can earn a higher gross annual income.

3. A diversification you will operate….

If you want to invest significantly in real estate, never forget that there are apartments, but also other types of property such as kots, nursing homes or assisted living. This will allow you to face market changes in the future.

4. An increase in rents you will practice….

Admittedly, the increase in the rent of your real estate is subject to conditions. However, you will certainly apply all the rules that allow you to increase them. This is the most effective way to increase your gross annual income. In any case, the increase in rents should follow the increase in selling prices.

5. A resale you will postpone….

The rental market is in high demand and is expected to continue to do so. Young people who succeed today no longer wish to settle in the same place in the long term and prefer to rent their homes. The rental market will therefore have more respondents, especially if your property is correctly located.

6. An adaptation to the offer you will adopt….

Depending on the type of property you wish to sell, buy or rent, you will be in a balanced or even oversupply situation. Logically enough, if in Brussels, for example, average and superior housing is oversupplied, you should take advantage of stagnant prices to invest, but in any case not to resell.

7. A tax risk you will prevent….

Admittedly, renting a property means dealing with defaulters, possible damage or temporary vacancy. But the experts are formal: the main risk for investors is that taxation will change. Some believe that, within five years, taxes could be levied on rental income and more on cadastral income. A significant difference in the calculation of yield.

8. A profitable city you will choose….

Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Mechelen and Ostend… These are the five cities in order where it would be better to invest in real estate for the next five years. Returns linked to rental income could be around 4.5%.

You are now advised to invest in real estate. All that remains is to find the property that meets your expectations….